Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meatloaf Heaven

So I have to say that I have always been a "meat person." Given the choice between carbs and   protein...protein wins by a landslide each and every time. I don't really remember a time that I didn't want some kind of protein with my meal and today was no different. My very wonderful bestie from Brooklyn was visiting this weekend. She generally teases me that I don't cook when she visits but she had not yet met...

"Post-op Betty Crocker Barbie" who loves to try new things and then bombard her Facebook friends with recipes and corresponding pictures via her super amazing blog. I cooked three meals for her this weekend and loved every minute of it, even if I could not consume one of the recipes myself. 

When she flew in on Friday night the weather was warm, the moon bright and the promise for bitter cold for the rest of her stay had already been foretold. In preparation for the brick temperatures that have been Syracuse in the past few days, I made my Zucchini Stew recipe from a previous post, and included the meat from a rotisserie chicken. It was delicious, nutritious and the leftovers are sitting safely in my freezer. Saturday morning I made french toast with fresh Challah bread that she brought from Brooklyn (this is the meal I could not partake in but boy did it smell good). Today, to celebrate the sadness of her departure (get out house guest! ;o) I jest), I made a new recipe...Taco Meatloaf. 

Now, I had previously made a turkey meatloaf recipe in a muffin pan but this new recipes was a whole different ball game. JUST as easy to make with only a couple more ingredients (see past blogs for other turkey meatloaf recipe). I do not have the nutritional info for this recipe as I simply do not have the patience to sit and figure it out yet. However, it is very healthy and when paired with steamed carrots and baked potato (I rub a little garlic flavored infused oil on the potato and sprinkle sea salt on them before baking for a yummy baked potato), this meal is great for flavor and to keep you and your family warm on a cold evening.

Taco Turkey Meatloaf:
*2 lbs ground meat.....I use very lean (93/7) turkey
*2 packages of taco seasoning
*2 eggs
*1 onion chopped fine
*1/2 cup of crushed saltines
*1/2 cup of crushed fritos 
*1/2 cup of salsa I use hot
*1/2 cup of taco sauce
*1/2 cup of Mexican cheese

Mix the meat, seasoning, eggs, onion, crackers, fritos, and salsa by hand in a large bowl. Form 2 loaves and place on a non stick cookie sheet....cover with 1/4 cup taco sauce each.....place in preheated 350 degree oven....cook 70 minutes and cover with the cheese cook 5 more minutes.....ENJOY!!


  1. I left..isn't that enough for you?? The "Bestie from Brooklyn" loved all the meals served at Che Lipton this wonderful weekend!! The stew was amazing and perfect for the Brick day...The Challah french toast was delicious...When I ate the meatloaf I said Ole!! It's about time you cooked for me...Thank you Post Op Betty Crocker Barbie for a wonderful time as always!! <3 <3

  2. LOL I adore you Brooklyn Bestie :)