Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'll have the vitamins with a side of VITAMINS please...

 I was very puzzled today. I am a member of a support forum called Thinner Times and it is mainly for people who are thinking about or have been through Gastric Bypass, Lapband surgery, or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.  It is a FABULOUS resource for all things weight loss surgery-related. The people there are as real as it gets. Those who have had wonderful recoveries and results post as well as those who have been through the wringer (not even the proverbial wringer). People post classifieds, questions, concerns, ventings and social/emotional issues as well as the everyday WOW moments. I have definitely posted my fair share of questions as well as my own WOW moments (i.e. losing 60 pounds and two pant sizes and being able to find jeans in a regular department store versus "Shame Bryant."). I can't say enough wonderful things about the forum and about its people. 

So as I am browsing the threads and responding to someone's post about what kinds of vitamins people who are post-op take, I realize my doctors may not have my best interest at heart...or their own professional interest long term, if you know what I mean. The deal-io is that people who have bypass are at serious risk for mal-absorption issues throughout the rest of their lives...our life now. I knew that going in and that's why I had a wonderful multi-vitamin and iron chewable all lined up. It is called Bariatric Fusion and according to my doctor and the effing bottle, all I will need "for life" is two chewables, twice daily in order to get what I need as a baratric patient. WRONG. According to the (American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery), I would need 8 of these little chalky suckers just to help me prevent Osteoporosis, if not neurological problems etc. The bottle says 4, the ASBS says I would need to have 8 (200% daily value doses) and I say WTF?! Why make a product that is called "Bariatric" Fusion if it is not going to follow the guidelines that prestigious researchers put out there. And of top of that, why in the hell doesn't my nutritionist KNOW this about these shit heads and tell me, "Amy, you are either going to chew yourself to death eating 8 of these chalky wonders a day OR find a better vitamin than the one we encourage you (because we are probably getting paid to do so) to take." Isn't is the job of the nutritionist to keep the patients healthy so that research continues to show that they can do their freaking jobs? Just a thought.

Well, now I have to print out the damn ASBS document that says clearly what we need as patients and be one of those annoying broads that brings it IN to my next appointment ALONG with my Fusion vitamin bottle, and says "What in the hell is wrong with this picture?" until someone listens to me. THEN, I am going to need to find a different vitamin regimen. Thank heavens for the forum...they did not tell me what I should do but directed me towards two other acceptable vitamins for bariatric patients and I am getting some free samples in the mail. The "Celebrate" company apparently stands by their word when it comes to their products and does, in fact, supply all the vitamins I will need along the way. I may have to take 2 multis, 2 iron, 1 sublingual, 203 chewable calcium etc. a day but at least I will know that if I fall down at the ripe old age of 30, I may, just MAY not break a hip. Thanks for all the great support "bariatric" center. Way to stay up and current on research and vitamin guidelines so the health of your patients shines in the research of years to come. REALLY?! Thanks.


  1. GO YOU! You're not being an "annoying broad" when you are advocating for yourself and others...just saying. :-)

  2. Yeah, I feel for you. My nutritionist said to take Flinstone chewables! Yeah.

    Luckily I had already been reading online and knew that was crap. I just shook my head the entire session. (It wasn't a 1 on 1 session but about 15 of us.)

    I get the celebrate ones. Their customer service is really good. They call after each shipment to make sure it arrived.