Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whip it Good!

The first bit of news is...I have now lost a total of 40 pounds so far! I am even more psyched about how 50 will feel. And on that note, how it will feel NOT to have the 50 anymore...period! I had a funny run-in with a very literal little boy in my school. He is super fun and hilariously real and honest to a fault. I call him "Fun Fact" at times because he knows more about a variety of topics than I do and I find talking to him and teaching him sarcasm and figurative language simply fascinating and fun. So I happened to be talking to him after a little girl gave me a huge hug and I had to ask her nicely to stop squeezing  as she was actually hurting my stomach. She asked why it hurt and "Fun Fact" was standing there as well. I attempted to answer that I had surgery on my belly over vacation to become more healthy. "Fun Fact" chimed in with "What kind of surgery Mrs. Lipton?" and I replied "Stomach surgery to help me have a healthier and thinner body." Well, I should have just told him the technical name of the surgery because my kid-definition was not satisfying his curiosity at all. He looked at me with confused "you are not telling me all the facts" eyes and suddenly something dawned on him. "You know when people are fat it looks like you have a baby in your belly, lots of em!" I literally just giggled out loud as he said this because it is a very typical kid response to someone being overweight. I laughed and replied "You are absolutely right bud, but with lots of hard work, it won't look like that anymore." As I began to walk to my desk to pack up my things for the day he says to me "Mrs. Lipton, do you have kids? Don't you want babies?" I replied, "Of course I do bud, but I only want one, not a belly full." I laughed again and expected him to join me...and then I remembered I was talking to the most literal kid I know and he didn't find any humor in my comment. It's a very empty feeling to be alone in a little quip but then again...I'm used to it :o)

My second story is a short one. I have decided that a great investment in my journey is a piece of fitness equipment. So I went to Syracuse Fitness and purchased my very own Elliptimill which is an elliptical machine that has a center based motion (so the guts of the machine are not in the front or the back like ellipticals) and feels like a very natural stride. It is made by Landice, a company very well known for their Treadmills up until 2008 when they decided to take the same great materials and make an elliptimill which is strong and sturdy, built like a tank and easy to use. It is able to be adjusted for stride length and has a dock/speakers for an ipod, a fan (cause if you know me then you know I am a sweaty work out girl) and a lifetime warranty on parts because they believe in their products so much. I decided that it was go big or go home. I wanted a machine that will last me far along on this journey and beyond. When I say it's a tank, I mean it. The thing can hold people up to 500 pounds! Crazy if you compare it to most other pieces of fitness equipment. So that's that! It is going IN our bedroom so I can see it first thing in the AM and right before bed :o) I am so psyched for it to be delivered! Way to celebrate my first 40...and on to whip the next!

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