Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to Life...Back to Reality...

     Back to reality tomorrow...whatever that is for me now. I was cleared at my first post-op, to return to work as long as I PROMISED not to lift, twist, bend or crunch. My guess is that based on how tired I get in the supermarket and when putting my Christmas decorations away, I better take it easy at work or I will end up having to take some more time off...the last thing I want to do, believe it or not. 

     So my first post-op was GREAT! They ripped of the steri strips on each of my 7 little holes and it "looks" like (through all the pen marks and iodine stubbornly still on my belly) I may not have any scarring. Also, they were very happy that I was down about 15 pounds since my surgery date and about 35 all together. I see that as a first step. The nutritionist said I could start my soft foods stage and around week 4 start integrating my stage 3 foods too. I have had zero bad reactions to ANY food. I am so thankful as I have heard umpteen stories about "dumping syndrome" which is too disgusting to go it if you are that curious. Vomiting is really common too and I haven't had ANY of that either. I sound really excited about this simply because I HATE to vomit. I have horror stories about being 16 with the flu ON Valentine's Day puking into a bowl all day long and my sister having to hose me down after trying to keep up with her and my brother one St. Patrick's Day before I was legal. Both of those situations taught me very important lessons...1) Valentine's Day is NOT for sissy's and 2) Never try to out drink my brother AND/OR sister. But I digress...

     All is well as I am sitting and talking with my nutritionist. I meet with the nurse as well and during our conversation I ask her what I am able to do now because I am trying to get cleared to go back to work. She says, "Well, you can walk for short periods, climb stairs and HAVE SEX!" I wrote all caps because she said it really really really loud! On top of that, on my way out she screams "HAVE FUN TONIGHT!" Oh lord, I wasn't prepared for that at all. I sat there blushing and stuttering and giggling inappropriately as I left the office in a completely different mindset than I arrived in. Anyway so I am good to go for now. I have ordered unflavored protein powder to add to my food to make sure I am getting my 40-60gm of protein a day as well as bariatric fusion vitamins that have like 200% daily values of all sorts of vitamins I need now (calcium, multi, D, B-12, iron etc.) and all I have to say is I am thankful they are chewable like my iron pills. 

     So, I get to go to work tomorrow and I am really very excited about getting back into a routine, because that is what life is about. Routine is what keeps us on track, motivated and honest. Beyond that, I am super excited to see my students (even if they make me regret this tomorrow) and all the wonderful people I work with. I am going to have to work extremely hard not to work too hard. It is amazing to me how we so often just pick things up without realizing what they weigh or the stress they put on our body. Thankfully, I don't lift any of my students. They are good enough at bouncing around a room. Also, I am literally going to have to plan more at school than at home because I am not going to be able to carry those huge reading curriculum spirals. At least I can access the math one online. Evan says he will drop me off and carry my bag for me but I hate feeling so dependent on others. 

     You really never think about things like this until you are told you have to or you can end up back in the hospital with a hernia or worse. I don't even want to think about it. Just wish me luck and hope that I have healed and given myself enough rest time. I'm sure I will be in bed already, this time tomorrow. Be kind to your bodies, you need them for a long time to come!

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  1. LOL I LOVE your nurse! haha that's great! Have a great day back tomorrow and let Evan help you! You are always there for everyone else, let people take care of you for once ;o) Love you!