Monday, January 31, 2011

If I Wanted Your Opinion...

I haven't blogged in a while so this is what has been going on...

1) I am now almost 6 weeks post-op

2) I have been to my GP as well as the Bariatric center for follow-up appointments and the results are these:

  • They are both very proud of my weight loss so far (approx 25-30 pounds since surgery)My blood tests say I am doing great on my total protein, calcium, B12 etc. (all of which can be poor after a surgery that makes it hard to absorb nutrients and easy to become defunct in various vitamins) and am only slightly low in iron and potassium which will be addressed in my eating hopefully. I am now on level for Vitamin D, which I haven't been before :o)
  • Both doctors are actually happy I am eating out a good deal as I have to get used to my portions and good food choices anyway and they love that because I don't cook fish at home, I am ordering that a lot.
  • Apparently, I am a model patient because I am eating right and working out. YAY! I don't think they have ever said that before haha

3) I have fallen on and purchased new pants for my ass. These are really two stories but they, in fact, do relate to one another. On Saturday, Evan and I decided to brave the dog park in the Winter. We took Cali to the park in Liverpool that contained maybe 15-20 dogs total. Everyone was having a great time watching the dogs run, slip and slide. Now, you always have to be able to brace yourself in case the dogs decide to wrestle around the feet of their owners but in non-Winter months, all one has to do is brace your knees and legs for the hit of a 4-5 dog pack. However, having never tried this on packed down snow, I had a split second decision as 4-5 of these dogs (mine included) barreled towards me in full run. I did not have enough time to move and my caring husband saved himself first (I thought that was only the rule for airplanes), so my only choice was to brace myself. In my brain, the slow motion "Ohhhh Noooo" began to cycle through and suddenly I was being knocked, face first, off my feet and into the snow. I had the good sense to put my arms out in front of me AND land on a dog (thanks pooch) which helped soften my fall. The best part of this story is that I think it is absolutely hilarious when people I am sitting there in a sitting position, the dogs licking my face and laughing my ass off wishing someone had caught it on video. My one and only concern at that point was not "Am I hurt?" or "Is the dog I landed on hurt?' My ONLY thought was about my pants. Before the hit I had literally been holding my pants up by putting my hand in my coat pocket and holding up my waistband. Now, I am on the ground and all I can think about is "Holy shit, is my ass showing?!" I had to have Evan help me up so I didn't lose my jeans all together and thank GOD I had been covered the entire time. When I say that these Jeans were too big, I mean that I had to continue holding them up (from inside my coat) as I walked through the mall to Lane Bryant to get new jeans. It was a hilariously traumatic event. 

4) I have picked up my matron of honor dress for the wedding of my best friend in June. Back in the summer, when none of plans for surgery were actually set in stone, I had to order my dress. I decided that since there was a good chance I was already losing, I would order the dress in a size down. Upon picking it up last week, I realized that not only does it fit, but it is a bit too big already...smiles all around. AND I don't have to have it altered until the beginning of June...more smiles.


5) I have lived through my very first negative reaction to me telling someone that I made the very difficult decision (for me, anyway) to have Gastric Bypass (RNY) surgery. The situation has since been resolved and apologies made on both ends, but it stuck with me all day until things could be sorted out. Happy Monday morning to me...I am having a conversation with a friend at work, raving about the low calorie Ruby Tuesday Petite plates that are perfect for me calorie and portion wise and less money to boot...another co-worker in the room asks something like "You're not still hungry after eating that?" to which I reply, "No, I can't physically eat much anyway and I feel completely full." She asks "Why can't you eat much?" I reply "Oh, well I had GB surgery about a month ago." She then says something to the effect of "Man, I am so sick of people cheating." I instantly see two things...tears coming on fast and complete and utter RED. I say "Get out of my classroom"...twice. Before turning around so that no one sees me cry, I say finally, "Get the EF out of my room." I am now shocked, looking back, about two things in this scenario. 1-That I said "EF" and not the actual word and 2-That I didn't say more at the time. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I can't really say more about it now because, as I said before, it has been sorted out and apologies have been made, but I felt very hurt. I don't expect ANYONE much less EVERYONE to agree with my choice...hell, I didn't even agree with WLS for a very long time. However, it goes to show that it is like ANY decision any of us make in our's not about anyone else but you, no matter what. No one knows what it's like to walk in your shoes and only you know what is going to make your life healthier. I do not have to answer to or defend my actions to ANYONE and neither do you. We all do what we have to do to live a long and healthy life or a short and unhealthy one, as the case may be, but they are OUR choices to make. I do not feel shame, guilt or remorse for what I have done in my life...I am simply glad I am here one more day to make choices of my very own. Make yourselves happy in the ways that work for you...and kick some ass while doing so. 

In closing, just a few that make me giggle, feel free to add your own...

     "If I wanted your opinion...
          *...I'd give it to you."
          *...I would remove the duct tape."
          *...I'd beat mine into you."
          *...I'd take your foot out of your mouth."
          *...I'd actually read your FB posts." 

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